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I’m Fabian, a professional wildlife photographer and biologist. On this site you can find some of my favourite wildlife and landscape photos and some behind the scenes shot. I will try my best to update my blog post with trip reports and and useful gear reviews. If you have any questions or want to buy a print, please contact me via e-mail (info@fabianfopp.com).

Bird Photography E-Book

You want to learn how you can achieve better bird pictures? Check out my E-Book “A Guide towards better Pictures”. The 142 pages are packed with useful information and tipps about camera gear, image composition, how to get cleaner backgrounds and much more.

YouTube Reviews & Tutorials

In 2022 I started a YouTube channel dedicated to wildlife and nature photography. I usually post a new video each week, covering camera and lens reviews, editing workflow, bird photography tutorials and news from major photography brands. Check it out, I think it could be of interest for you!

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